Need your silverware polished?

Now is the time of year when we prepare to get out our best silverware, silverset, antiques, and other statement silver items to display for Holiday feasts! Many people may find out too little too late that their silverware looks more like silverWORN than silverware. This leaves people scrambling to find silverware cleaners and residue removers, or looking up homemade remedies. Neither of these methods work well so people waste a lot of time scrubbing, and the result can leave you feeling like you wasted money and time and are not any closer to having shiny silverware then when you started.

Plan ahead – give Nassau Chrome a call and allow us to help in time for Christmas. We are the true experts when it comes to restoring your silverware back to its original shine. We have experienced many times in which a client has felt that their collection was damaged for good, and a lost cause, only to find out that we are able to bring it back to a state that had them shocked!

See what we can do for you –