News & Updates

Brass Letters

Here is an example of some letters from a local college that has a brass finish applied to them.

Motorcycle Frame Powder Coated

Check out this Motorcycle bike frame that we powder coated gloss black. You will see both the frame and swing arm of a Suzuki GSXR 750.

1953 Ford front and rear bumpers

Do you have car parts that you want restored? Here we have front and rear bumpers from a 1953 Ford that we finished with Polished Chrome. Looks better then it…

Polished Chrome Axe Head

We received an Axe Head from a fire department that wanted to have this make a statement for them. See how this Polished Chrome Axe Head and Fry bar turned…

Chrome Bike Parts

Another fun chrome project as we received pedals and a sprocket from a 1990 GT. Check out the polish chrome finish.

Metal Finishes

Here you will see an example of a project that went through the following: Chemical Film with masking and red anodize.

Commercial Nickel Work

At Nassau Chrome we also perform many commercial jobs such as this one seen here. A business client of ours needed these fittings finished. You can see that we applied…

1957 GMC Truck parts

Here you will see an example of some truck parts that we got in. These parts are from a 1957 GMC Truck and are now polished chrome.   Nassau Chrome…

1965 Ford Mustang Air Cleaner update

Do you remember the 1965 Ford Mustang air cleaner that we received? In the picture you will see 3 how the air cleaner arrived to us. 2 will show you…

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