We have come up with a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we have recieved over the many years in business. Should you have a question and you do not see the answer here please feel free to Contact Us.

All prepping, polishing, blasting, masking and plating is done under roof at our facility in Mineola NY.

Dipping is an overly simplistic way to describe what is actually a complex scientific process.

We do polish and plate bike/motorcycle rims. We do not polish or plate car/truck rims.

There are many variables that determine lead time. The biggest factors are the condition of the part and the detail involved in the job.

No, the plating process uses electrical current. The parts must be conductive.

No, this is not true. Nassau Chrome has performed plating services since 1929 to all industries including car and boat restorations, aerospace & military, machine shops and many private sectors.

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