Our expertise in the industry makes us a leader in the field and allows us to provide an exceptional product to our customers.  We take pride in providing you with a quality finish! Every aspect of our chrome plating process is meticulously scrutinized by our expert finishers. This attention to detail ensures the highest quality show-chrome, which not only looks beautiful but lasts for years to come.   


Nassau Chrome has been polishing on-site for over four generations. Our current hands on expert polishers have over 40 years’ experience. We take great pride in our ability to provide a quality finishing touch to your work through our polishing.

When you hear the word polish most people think of only a shiny finish. In fact, polishing is usually the first step in most decorative plating processes. Experienced polishers will identify imperfections in the metal most people wouldn’t know exist.

Identifying and eliminating these imperfections through a range of techniques such as grinding and buffing is an essential step in the plating process because imperfections will show through the finish.

Our experienced polishers prep the part for plating and buff and color the part in our post plating operations. They play a crucial role in the process and completion of your polished work.


Not everyone likes a high polish look and instead prefers a satin finish, especially on bathroom and kitchen hardware, door or window hardware, lighting and much more. Nassau Chrome can restore any project in your home! Satin and brushed opposed to high polished gives a non-reflective texture leaving the product with a subtle and softer finish look.


This finish has a dull appearance and is made through friction. Friction is applied to the surface to produce this brushed look. Many says this looks like scratches on the top of the surface.

This finish is popular in many heavy foot traffic buildings or commercial areas. As it obscures marks, scuffs and fingerprints. The brushed looking surface also hides reflections easily too.


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