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1957 GMC Truck parts

Here you will see an example of some truck parts that we got in. These parts are from a 1957 GMC Truck and are now polished chrome.   Nassau Chrome…

1965 Ford Mustang Air Cleaner update

Do you remember the 1965 Ford Mustang air cleaner that we received? In the picture you will see 3 how the air cleaner arrived to us. 2 will show you…

Plated Antique Bronze

Here you will see a Teddy Roosevelt Brass Metal book end holder plated with Antique Bronze.

Upcoming Holiday Hours

Please be advised of our upcoming Holiday Hours. Nassau Chrome will be OPEN on Friday, June 30th from 7am until 2pm. We will then be CLOSED from July 3rd through…

Polished Lamborghini Emblem

We received this Lamborghini Emblem that needed to be restored. We were able to get this back to its like new show quality. This Polished Copper Lamborghini Emblem is yet…

Cadmium Rim Caps

Here is an example of a Gold Cadmium finish for center caps for a set of rims.

Turntable plate

This is an example of a turntable plate that we applied a static red powder coat to.

Brass Lamp

Here is an example of Polished Brass Lamp Parts with a protective coat of Lacquer

Boat Part Restoration

Do you have parts on your boat that look weathered and wonder how or if they could ever gain back their shine? Did you know that we can restore your…

Brass and Copper Plated

Here are an example of a brass plated bowl as well as an example of a copper plated bowl. Brass Plated Bow (above) Copper Plated Bowl (above)

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