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1965 Ford Mustang air cleaner

We received an Air Cleaner from a 1965 Ford Mustang. Here you will see the state or condition that we received this part. We have stripped it down as you…

Chrome Boat Exhaust

An example of our polished chrome work as here you can see Stainless Steel Cigarette Boat exhaust.

Green Anodized Nuts

Here is an application of our anodizing process. Green Anodized nuts.

Camera Lens

Here you still see an example of anodizing. This project specifically is a Blue anodize for camera lenses frames.  

Can you see your reflection?

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, and with help from Nassau Chrome we can restore / polish almost anything so that he can see his reflection too! If you have a…

Metal Quote

Are you looking to have an item restored or refinished? Have you been searching for a company that can handle your electroplating needs? Give us a call or take a…

Aerospace and Military metal work

Did you know that we do a lot of work in the private sector? We work a lot with aerospace and our military, so it is safe to say that…

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